Using your DA account @ Blogger

Very slightly less confusing version 2.0!

Because Google Accounts licks and sucks and fondles penises, there is currently no unified login between DA and Blogger. So you must: 

  • Create a new account at Blogger .  Use any handle and email address you want, although I recommend (handle) unless you want to be publicly associated with some of the unsavory topics.
  • Sign in with your DA login at (your DA account has been created; Crispin or DDI or spanky can assign a new one if you lost yours)
  • Click the invitation in your DA Gmail Inbox; you will then immediately have Guest access to Blogger admin
  • Let me or another blog admin know you've completed the above steps and you will be promoted from Guest to Admin.

If you fuck this up somehow, don't fear, it's easy to fix.  Just let me know and I'll re-issue your invitation once you've followed step #1.